First Elected Democrat Steps Forward to Demand Biden Step Down: 'Too much is at stake'

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, urged President Biden to withdraw from the 2024 race, citing high stakes.

Doggett acknowledged Biden's achievements but noted widespread voter dissatisfaction.

"President Biden has trailed Democratic senators and Donald Trump in key polls," Doggett said. "I had hoped the debate would shift momentum. It did not. The President failed to effectively defend his record and expose Trump's lies."

"Our priority must be to save democracy from an authoritarian threat," he continued. "Too much is at stake to risk a Trump victory. The situation hasn’t improved in a year or since the debate."

Doggett added, "President Biden saved our democracy in 2020. He must not risk delivering us to Trump in 2024."

Referencing Lyndon Johnson, Doggett said, "Biden should make the difficult decision to withdraw, as Johnson did under different circumstances. Biden's work has been transformational, but he pledged to be transitional."

Doggett suggested Biden could encourage new leaders to unite the country through an open process.

"My call for Biden to withdraw is made with respect for his achievements," he concluded. "Unlike Trump, Biden's first commitment has been to our country. I hope he makes the tough decision to withdraw."