Fast Food Super Chain Sets Their Sights on Bigger Burgers

McDonald’s is considering expanding its menu with a larger burger option. CFO Ian Borden revealed that they have developed a "larger satiating burger" aimed at reinforcing their beef leadership. "We’ll be testing this burger in a few markets later this year, ensuring that it has universal appeal before scaling it across the globe," he stated.

Earlier in the year, McDonald's reported that their beef and chicken sales are nearly equal, with each category generating about $25 billion annually. However, when contacted for more details about the new burger, McDonald’s USA had nothing additional to share.

The company has hinted at focusing on larger burgers in the past. "We’re addressing an unmet customer need across markets for larger high-quality burgers," CEO Chris Kempczinski commented in February. He emphasized the company's strategy to innovate system-wide.

"We’re working horizontally across the system to innovate. As we test and learn, we’ll be working to understand how the new offering will complement our already established burgers, like the Double QPC [Quarter Pounder with Cheese] or the Big Tasty."

In January, U.S. locations introduced the Double Big Mac with four beef patties for a limited period. Throughout the past year, McDonald's has also revamped its classic burgers such as the cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, hamburger, McDouble, and Big Mac.

These modifications are part of McDonald’s "Best Burger" initiative, launched early in 2023, aimed at improving the temperature, juiciness, and taste of their burgers. Borden reported that over 80% of their locations, including those in the U.S., have adopted the "Best Burger" improvements.

The initiative plans to reach almost all McDonald's locations by the end of 2026. This effort underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing core menu items like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder, which are each a $1 billion brand within the McDonald's portfolio.