Democratic Candidate Defends Old Blog Using N-Word, Racial Stereotypes

Democratic state House candidate Caroline Holko is left defending herself over an old blog that used the n-word, claiming that no one should be banned from using that racial slur. It also said that Black men are more likely to commit violence.

Now she says she regrets the contents of the blog. More like, she didn't know that it would come back to bite her in the butt one day.

“We all say and do stupid things,” Holko said. “And then we grow up, we learn more about the world and we know better and we do better. I can’t change the past. I can say that a blog post from 2009 is absolutely not representative of the person that I am right now.”

AJC reports:

In the blog post titled “Calling a spade a spade,” which is no longer viewable online, Holko is responding to public discussions of white privilege — the concept that white people have advantages in society because of their race.

“We all struggle in this world. Get over it,” she wrote in 2009, adding that she grew up in largely Black, low-income areas of New Orleans and had been mugged by Black men multiple times. “I can’t control anything in the world except my own actions — and I choose to judge individuals on their own merit — but the fact still remains that I have never been mugged by a white person.”

Holko, a community activist and stay-at-home mother who moved to Georgia in 2004, also wrote that people have a right to speak their minds.

“I do not agree that (n-word) should be banned from collective speech — I don’t hold with censorship of ANY kind, and if that means I have to occasionally listen to some (expletive) use mean words, so be it," she wrote.

In a statement, Carson said he hoped Republicans and Democrats would condemn Holko’s 2009 statements.

“Mrs. Holko’s own words have given us insight into her bigoted beliefs,” Carson said. "She has proven she is unfit to serve our diverse community in the state House.”

“If they went through the effort of finding an old post on an abandoned platform, and they had to go back 11 years to find something that meets the criteria of being unacceptable, I guess I’m doing pretty well,” Holko added.

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