Costco Shoppers Are Calling Its Latest Creation Their New 'Favorite Freezer Item'

Costco is known for its crowd-pleasing appetizers. Recently, they've had us buying French petits fours for the holidays and a grain sandwich platter for the Super Bowl.

Now, they're offering an appetizer perfect for impressing guests at any event. It's both savory and visually appealing.

Introducing Costco's Hot Honey Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites. This new snack is causing quite a stir. Each box contains 18 pieces of bacon-wrapped chicken, marinated in a spicy-sweet chili honey sauce.

These chicken bites can be quickly baked for a luxurious appetizer or a fancy snack. A box costs around $16.49, but prices may vary.

Online communities are buzzing with excitement over these bites. A Reddit user praised their air fryer results, likening them to a "lazy Cobb salad."

The excitement is palpable, with many hoping their local Costco stocks them. "Omg I need to get my hands on this," one user exclaimed.

Regarding their spice, a commenter noted, "They are definitely a medium spice but it’s not too much. Balanced out by the sweetness."

For those planning to share, be warned: one user admitted to finishing a box solo in just two days.