Biden Follows Awkward Fist-Bump Up With $3 Billion Deal for Patriot Missiles

We've all heard of a handshake deal, but did President Biden arrange a fist-bump deal in exchange for billions of dollars of patriot missiles?

The U.S. announced on Tuesday that a deal for $3 billion for patriot missiles has been approved. This comes just after President Biden visited Saudi and shared an awkward fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Biden once called Saudi Arabia a global “pariah” but this time around he was more than happy to deliver a fist bump. And if that wasn't enough they now have billions of dollars of U.S. missiles.

The 46th president left Saudi Arabia all but acknowledging nothing was done to lower the gas prices but did say there would be "further steps in the coming weeks.”

In the deal, Saudi Arabia asked to buy 300 Patriot guidance-enhanced missiles along with tools, test equipment, spare parts and logistics support for the tactical ballistic missiles.

“These missiles are used to defend the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s borders against persistent Houthi cross-border unmanned aerial system and ballistic missile attacks on civilian sites and critical infrastructure in Saudi Arabia,” the US State Department said in a released statement. “These attacks threaten the well-being of Saudi, international and US citizens (approximately 70,000) residing in the Kingdom.”

This comes just days after Democrats were bashing Trump for hosting a golf tournament for the Saudi-backed. LIV Golf tour.

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