DeSantis Rips Democrats for Inflation Bill, Makes Suggestion for All Who Voted For It

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a very great suggestion for how those who voted in favor of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 should be handled.

While speaking at an event Tuesday in Fort Pierce, Florida, DeSantis expressed his issue with the IRS hiring 87,000 agents with their $80 billion funding boost.

“If they go after you, a lot of times they’re going to be able to find something, especially if you don’t have an account or you don’t have lawyers,” DeSantis said. “So I thought it was really, really reprehensible that they’d be mobilizing 87,000 IRS agents.”

“I think every member of Congress that voted for that bill should be required to be audited every year by the IRS,” DeSantis said and was greeted with laughter by those in attendance.

Not a single Republican in the House or Senate voted in favor of this bill.

According to the Biden administration, all of these extra funds will go help “improve taxpayer service, modernize outdated technological infrastructure, and increase equity in the tax system by enforcing the tax laws against those high-earners, large corporations, and complex partnerships who today do not pay what they owe.”

Governor DeSantis isn't buying it. In fact, he called it a "middle finger" to the people of the United States.