Candace Owens Has Scorching Hot Appearance on Dr. Phil: 'I'm Giving You Actual Facts'

During her appearance on "Dr. Phil" on Wednesday, Candace Owens, the host of Daily Wire, strongly criticized affirmative action policies, labeling them as detrimental and disrespectful.

During the discussion, Owens was accompanied by two professors who were advocating for affirmative action policies, but she challenged the conventional belief that these policies benefit minorities. Instead, she argued that such policies merely impose a "burden of responsibility" on the Left and can often cause more harm than good.

“When you artificially place a black American into a school in which they do not belong based on their knowledge, it doesn’t mean that they go on to get A’s,” Owens said. “In fact, there was a black adjunct professor, you guys have definitely heard of him, Dr. Thomas Sowell, who was teaching at Cornell University and he found that the majority of the black American students that were there were on academic probation,” she added.

Owens continued to elaborate on her stance and gave an example of how affirmative action policies can be counterproductive. She mentioned that some of the brightest students in the country were put on academic probation because they were given opportunities that they hadn't earned through merit. According to Owens, the tangible outcomes of affirmative action were not successful minorities but rather politicians or administrators who took credit for policies that only created a false sense of progress.

Owens argued that in reality, proponents of affirmative action policies end up causing harm to the very people that these policies claim to benefit. She stated that ultimately, knowledge and skills matter the most, and it's not possible to artificially create equal opportunities through such policies. "You either know the answers or you don't," Owens emphasized.

Professor J. Luke Wood from San Diego State University disagreed with Owens' remarks and countered that the underperformance of affirmative action beneficiaries might be attributed to their experiences in those institutions.

“You’re saying ‘could be,’ I’m giving you actual facts,” Owens fired back. “We can fantasize and say ‘maybe they just don’t feel good,’ but that’s not the case.”

“We’re talking about a cultural problem, what’s going on back at home, as was in my circumstance,” Owens said. “None of that is because of institutionalized policy.”

You can watch the entire segment here:

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