BLM Blasted by Black Chicagoans: 'Not an Authentic Black Movement'

Black Chicagoans are speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement, blasting it for not being an authentic black movement.

In a short documentary by Rebel Pundit, several people speak about the marxist group and call it what it out for what it really is: a fraud.

“Black Lives Matter is a fraud,” activist Mark Carter said in the video. “This is the media creating this picture, this face, this imaginary— like the Wizard of Oz.” He blamed the fake news media for using "young white college students" to "undermine the real black agenda to turn things around in the black community.”

“This so-called Black Lives Matter movement — they’re not in these communities. It’s all a hoax,” he added.

“Everybody’s going to try to connect themselves to a particular movement that appears to be taking charge,” Violence Interrupters' Tio Hardiman said. “Right now one of the biggest misconceptions in the media is that every time something’s organized, they flip it under the Black Lives Matter banner."

Vetress Boyce, another activist, blasted the organizations behind the scenes who coming into the black communities “as if they’re here to save our souls, but what they’re really doing is building their wealth off of the backs of poor people.”

“They must be held accountable for using our children to try to cause upheaval, to cause more and more police shootings, to cause more disrespect that our children are starting to display for their parents and things because they’re being coached by these dangerous people,” he continued.

“It’s not an authentic black movement,” Boyce concluded.

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