BLM Announces New List of Demands in George Floyd Square

If you thought the absurdity would end with the conviction of former officer Derek Chauvin, then you thought wrong. Black Lives Matter activists are only using Floyd as a front to get what they want.

The actives have declared the area in Minneapolis where Floyd died as autonomous zone and are now presenting a list of two dozen demands:

Therefore, be it resolved that the governing leadership of the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, the State of Minnesota, and the United States of America take the following actions toward justice if they want the intersection of 38th Street East and Chicago Avenue South to reopen: 

    1. Recall Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney; 
    2. Fire the following employees of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension: a. Drew Evans, Superintendent Dana Gotz, Deputy Superintendent of Minnesota Justice Information Services c. Jeff Hansen, Deputy Superintendent of Investigative Services Catherine Knutson, Deputy Superintendent of Forensic Science Services; 3. Provide accountability and transparency in the cases of Christopher Burns (2002), Courtney Williams (2004), Terrance Franklin (2013), Jamar Clark (2015), Philando Castile (2016), Thurman Blevins Jr. (2018), Travis Jordan (2018), Kobe Dimock-Heisler (2019), Brian J. Quinones (2019), George Floyd (2020), and any others as their families decide to speak up;
    3. Open an independent investigation into the conviction of Myon Burrell;
    4. Establish an office of independent investigation and prosecution for Minneapolis law enforcement, appointed by the Governor of Minnesota; 
    5. Require law enforcement officers to maintain private, professional liability insurance;
    6. Ban the indemnification of law enforcement officers
    7. End qualified immunity
    8. Conduct the trial of the four former officers charged in the murder of George Floyd at a court in Minneapolis;
    9. Invest $400,000 into the George Floyd Square Zone through the neighborhood associations to create new jobs for young people, which will help deter violence; 11. Invest $300,000 into the George Floyd Square Zone through the neighborhood associations to provide Undoing Racism training for the black community provided by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond;
    10. Adopt and implement the 2019 Livability and Safety Platform Proposal submitted by the South Minneapolis Public Safety Coalition to the City Council;
    11. Allocate funds for integrative health services to support residents of the George Floyd Square Zone through the ReCAST grant managed by the Division of Race & Equity; 14. Establish a temporary suspension of property tax increases for residents of the George Floyd Square Zone for 2 years;
    12. Include a rent-to-own option in new housing construction for renters;
    13. Allocate a facade grant to George Floyd Square to improve the aesthetics of the business corridor;
    14. Establish and distribute a contingency fund for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) businesses located in the George Floyd Square according to the needs of each business owner, not their landlords, to ensure the preservation of black-owned businesses and promote race equity;
    15. Provide Agape Movement a space for their operations within the George Floyd Square Zone;
    16. Gift 612 M*A*S*H a blood bank bus or a coach bus to continue care for anyone who enters the memorial site during the winter months;
    17. Release the death certificate of Dameon “Murphy Ranks” Chambers; 21. Open and complete an investigation of the murder of Dameon "Murphy Ranks" Chambers;
    18. Hold law enforcement accountable for impeding EMS response and the mishandling and delay of Dameon "Murphy Ranks" Chambers case within the zone;
    19. Drop the charges against non-violent protesters from 2016-2017;
    20. Continue the closure of the intersection of 38th Street East and Chicago Avenue South until after trial of the four former officers charged for the murder of George Floyd.

They added, "As the city meets our demands for justice, the barricades can be negotiated for removal. If action is not taken by the City to meet our demands for justice, members of the community that live in the George Floyd Square Zone are prepared to maintain street barricades and take the protest of 38th Street East and Chicago Avenue South into the heart of every significant neighborhood that is unbothered by the death of George Floyd or the spirit of anti-blackness involved in his death and that of many others."

"The current state of the intersection known as George Floyd Square is contributing to the peace and safety of the surrounding neighborhoods," read a statement posted on Twitter. "Amid ongoing threats of White Supremacist violence, in the absence of justice, the barricades and community structures at 38th and Chicago should remain through the trial of all four officers. It’s problematic to misconstrue police brutality as progress toward racial healing."

This will continue as long as snivel nosed brats are given everything they want when they throw a loud enough tantrum. What they need is worn out and sent to their room without dinner.

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