Billionaire Mark Cuban Makes it Clear Who He's Backing in 2024 Presidential Race

Billionaire Mark Cuban is backing President Biden for the 2024 presidential race. He showed his support at a Dallas fundraiser this week.

The event took place in a private backyard. Cuban was there to greet the president personally.

He told ABC News it was important for him to support Biden. Cuban had previously supported Nikki Haley in the Texas GOP primary.

But with Haley out of the race, Cuban prefers Biden over Trump. At the fundraiser, Biden questioned the desire to return to Trump's presidency.

Cuban also spoke to Bloomberg News after attending a White House roundtable. The discussion focused on controlling drug prices.

Concerns about Biden's age don't bother Cuban. He'd support Biden under any circumstances.

Cuban's support for Biden isn't new. He endorsed Biden in 2020 on "Hannity."

He criticized Trump's focus on campaigning over governing. Cuban believes Biden truly wants to lead the country.