MSNBC Host Gets Triggered by Trump, Tosses Script On Air

Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC host, showed her frustration on air. She threw her script during a segment about Donald Trump's critique of Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter.

On “Deadline: White House,” Wallace discussed Trump's gag order. She mentioned Trump's tendency to target judges and their families. Frustrated, she threw her script, calling for a new approach to Trump's behavior.

Wallace expressed concern over the rule of law. She noted Trump's attacks on the judiciary and his ability to delay trials. She highlighted the lack of protection for judges against such attacks.

Judge Merchan issued a gag order on Trump, limiting his comments on case-related individuals. This was reported by ABC News. However, Trump was allowed to comment on Merchan and Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney.

Trump criticized Merchan’s daughter on Truth Social. He questioned the fairness of the restrictions against him, contrasting them with the freedom others have to criticize him.

Trump's remarks led to a request from the Manhattan DA's lawyers. They asked Merchan to clarify the gag order and stop attacks on families, as per ABC News.