Arizona Officer Adopts Little Girl He Rescued from Abuse Call

Need a tear jerker today? Look no further! An Arizona police officer went beyond his duty to serve when he gave a forever home to a little girl he rescued from an abuse call.

ABC 11 reports that Kingman Police Department lieutenant Brian Zach was working a night shift when he answered a call to check on a home in 2017. During that call, he met Kaila, and he sensed that she was in danger so he called for an investigation.

Zach reportedly found the little girl injured badly, and noted that this is the third time that home had been reported to the Kingman PD for abuse.

“I went there and realized that her injuries were definitely abuse and they needed to be investigated,” he said. “I took care of her, took her back to the station … We watched ‘Wreck-It Ralph,’ and we just bonded.”

Although he was already a father of two older children at the time, the officer said that he could not shake the thought of Kaila and her troubling circumstance.

“When I came home that night, I told my wife about this little adorable girl that we got to meet and I wanted to just bring her home,” Zach said. A short while later, Child Protective Services needed a foster home for Kaila, and the Zach family jumped at the chance.


“We gave her love and care and not knowing when she would go back—if at all. And we just took each day at a time,” Zach said.

Her temporary stay with the Zachs turned from days to years. In August of 2020, the family was finally able to start the adoption process to officially make Kaila their daughter.

“The best thing to come out of 2020 is the fact that we gained an official member of our family,” Zach said. “That was my Christmas present.”

Kaila only had one thing to say to the outlet about the man who saved her life: “I love him — I love him so much.”

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