Alyssa Milano Calls NFL Team Redskins 'Racist' After Selling Their Gear for Profit

Alyssa Milano really should have thought her latest "woke" rant through before going through with it. This one backfired big time.

Milano, the most clueless person in the world when it comes to politics, ripped the Washington Redskins of the NFL for having a "racist" team mascot.

Keep in mind, less than a week ago photos of her surfaced with "blackface" on.

Milano is calling for the end of the NFL football team from Washington being called the "Redskins." She has taken it as far as sharing a petition to change the name of the Washington Redskins.

What makes this extra hypocrisy for her? Alyssa Milano used to be paid handsomely to Washington Redskin apparel and made good money to do so.

If this team name is so racist, then why was she okay with promoting it and making money from the name? She tweeted a second time about the issue:

So it was okay for her to make some money off of the name, but now that there's no longer money involved it's racist. Got it.

One problem, the gear is actually still for sell here.

alyssa milano washington redskins

As usual, the rules of the left don't actually apply to themselves.

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