Alex Jones Turns His Back on Trump for 2024, Makes New Endorsement

As legal and political pressure mounts on President Trump, many people are galvanizing around the 45th president.

Don't count Infowars founder Alex Jones among that crowd. Earlier this week Jones announced that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was “way better” than Trump for the 2024 election. This comes as a shock as Jones has been one of Trump's biggest backers.

Per Mediaite:

Jones said he “pig-headedly supported [Trump] a few years ago, even though I disagreed with his Warp Speed.” The InfoWars host was referring to Trump’s efforts to develop a Covid-19 vaccine in 2020. Jones is strongly against the vaccine.

“I thought that we had to keep him in office because of the nightmare scenario if Hillary or Biden got in,” Jones continued. “With that said, I am supporting DeSantis. DeSantis has just gone from being awesome to being unbelievably good. And I don’t just watch a man’s actions, as Christ said. Judge a tree by its fruits. I can also look in his eyes on HD video and I see the real sincerity.”

Jones also said, “This is what Trump should be like. And I’ve been hammering this point, and he’s doing it now. And we have someone that is better than Trump. Way better than Trump.”

Check it out:

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