ABC Host Tries to Shift Blame for Border Crisis and Governor Abbott Shuts Her Down

This week on "The Rubin Report," BlazeTV host Dave Rubin shared a video of ABC News' Martha Raddatz trying to persuade Americans that the worsening crisis at the southern border is due to the rhetoric of Republicans like former President Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, rather than the policies of the Biden administration.

"On ABC's 'This Week,' Raddatz said to Abbott: 'You talk about the border wall. You talk about open borders. I don't think I've ever heard President Biden say, "We have an open border, come on over." But the people I have heard say it are you, or former President Trump, or Ron DeSantis.'"

"Abbott replied: 'It was known from the time that Joe Biden got elected — that Joe Biden supported open borders. It is known by the cartels that have sophisticated information, whether the Biden administration is going to enforce the immigration laws or not. It's known across the world, but most importantly known among the cartels.'"

Raddatz persisted: "And how do you play into that? What can you do better?"

Abbott stated: "We have every level of government doing everything we can to prevent people from coming into the country illegally, or repelling them, or arresting them and putting them behind bars."

Dave commented after playing the clip: "Do you see what [Raddatz] just did there? She's saying to Greg Abbott, who has all these Texas border towns, she's saying because you guys say that Biden has an open border, that's why people are coming. Not because of Biden's actions. So she's trying to blame the people who are calling out the problem, for the problem itself."

Dave continued: "She completely flips the reality... it's not Biden who says 'open borders.' It's you guys — who are not in charge of the border. It's you, Greg Abbott. It's you, Ron DeSantis. It's you, Donald Trump. And that's what the migrants hear... and that's why they're coming. It's such an extraordinarily subtle, pernicious distortion of the truth. Gross, disgusting, but this is what they do to all Republicans."

You can see the full episode of the Rubin Report below:

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