A New Tallest Building in America Has Been Proposed - Surprisingly Not in New York or Chicago

Hold on to your hats! Oklahoma City might soon be home to America's tallest building. Imagine a towering skyscraper, reaching 1,907 feet into the sky. That's right, it's taller than One World Trade in New York City!

This giant is a tribute to 1907, the year Oklahoma joined the union. It's not just a building; it's a landmark. Part of The Boardwalk at Bricktown, this project is massive, spreading over three acres.

the boardwalk at bricktown

New York City, watch out! Your tallest building title is under threat. The proposed Legends Tower in Oklahoma City is set to steal the show.

AO and Matteson Capital are the masterminds behind this ambitious plan. They're pushing boundaries, literally. They're asking Oklahoma City to let them build beyond the usual limits. The goal? To create the tallest building in the nation.

Legends Tower is more than just a skyscraper. It's a statement. Flanked by three 345-foot structures, it's part of a buzzing community. Picture over 110,000 square feet of retail and restaurants, right at the heart of Bricktown.

Living options? From affordable to luxury, take your pick. With 1,776 residential units, there's something for everyone. Plus, it's all happening near the scenic Bricktown Canal and Oklahoma River.

One World Trade Center, currently America's tallest at 1,776 feet, might need to pass the torch soon.

Internationally, Dubai's Burj Khalifa reigns supreme at 2,716.5 feet. But Legends Tower will make its mark as the world's fifth tallest building.

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Scot Matteson, CEO of Matteson Capital, is confident. Oklahoma City is booming, perfect for this monumental project. He envisions The Boardwalk at Bricktown as a symbol of the city's growth and prosperity.