Woman Rushed to the Hospital for Lifesaving Procedure After Eating Popular Crunchy Snack

A woman from South America ended up in the hospital because of a dangerous, item in her crunchy pork rinds.

Celia Tello, 68, from Peru, was snacking in February. She suddenly felt a sharp object in her throat, as reported by Reuters.

She became very sick, vomiting blood. In the emergency room, doctors found a nail piercing her carotid artery. This artery is crucial for brain blood and oxygen supply.

Tello initially thought it was a bone. But it was a nail. "It never crossed my mind I had this nail or piece of wire," she said.

The surgery to remove the nail was risky. Surgeon Diego Cuipal said, "We were able to isolate the affected artery and we repaired it by sectioning it and we joined a healthy artery with another healthy artery."

They had to be careful not to let a clot reach her brain. But the operation was a success.

Now, Tello has a scar but has recovered. The x-ray showed the nail sticking into her throat.

Such incidents are rare but not unheard of. In 2018, someone found a fingernail in their Burger King burger and ate it.