White House Touts Cheaper Prices at the Pump This Year, But They're Leaving Out One Detail

The White House highlighted a one-cent decrease in gas prices. This marks the "lowest holiday price" since last Fourth of July.

"'July 4th gas prices expected to hit lowest level in 3 years,'" said White House spokesperson Andrew Bates in a post on X.

So gas is down, what's the problem? Well, gas is down one cent since last year. On top of that high gas prices have been a defining factor of the Biden administration.

GasBuddy estimates the $3.49 average cost for gas this Independence Day. That's over a $1.30 drop from 2022. So gas prices have been worse in the not too distant past. Anyone remember those mean tweets and low gas prices? They could be returning.

"For those hitting the road, gas prices have seen modest fluctuations," said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. "Most states see prices near or below last year's. The first half of summer has been smooth, but the road ahead may be bumpy. Increased tropical activity and a busy hurricane season could disrupt refineries."

GasBuddy's projection follows the American Farm Bureau's (AFB) report on a 10-person Independence Day cookout. The average cost is $71.22, up 5% from last year and almost 30% higher than five years ago.

"Higher grocery prices reflect challenges facing America’s families," said AFB chief economist Roger Cryan. "Lower availability of staples and inflation are hitting wallets. Farmers feel the pinch too. They’re price takers, not makers, with only a 15% share of the retail food dollar, yet they pay high fuel, fertilizer, and supply prices."

The bureau's survey shows a double-digit increase in beef and lemonade costs. Chicken breasts and potato salad saw a slight decrease.