'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Grants Second Chance After Mistake by Show

Wheel of Fortune fans might have done a double-take on Monday’s episode. David Avelsgard, a contestant from last June, made a comeback.

David, a broadcast journalism major from Sebeka, Minnesota, had previously won over $14,000. His winnings included a trip to Mexico.

But why was he back? The reason traces back to that very trip to Mexico.

On Reddit, Wheel of Fortune fans speculated about a mix-up. David was originally announced as winning a trip to Mexico but was supposed to get one to Antigua instead.

A Reddit user pointed out the prize puzzle trips might have been confused. The mix-up could have impacted the game's outcome, especially the bonus round.

David himself shared details on social media. Despite winning a trip to Mexico valued at $7,350, he was offered a choice between Mexico and Antigua due to the mistake.

Wheel of Fortune invited him back after opting for the Mexico trip. Despite a second chance, David finished last with $7,650.

Appearing twice on the show was a childhood dream for David. He grew up watching Wheel of Fortune, bonding with his family over the game.

David's story highlights the unpredictability and excitement of live television. Fans and contestants alike cherish these unique experiences.