Wendy's Fast Food Rival Trolls Them Over Their 'Surge Pricing'

Burger King playfully jabbed at Wendy's amidst rumors of controversial "price surging." They announced a special offer on X, a free Whopper with a minimal purchase, under the cheeky campaign "no urge to surge."

Surge pricing, or dynamic pricing, varies costs based on demand, like Uber's fares during peak times. This move by Burger King followed reports that Wendy's might introduce a similar pricing strategy.

However, Wendy's quickly refuted these claims, stating they would not adopt surge pricing. A spokesperson clarified they never planned to raise prices based on demand, contradicting the surge pricing rumors.

Wendy's remained silent on Burger King's social media tease. The company did not immediately comment on the provocation.

Instead, Wendy's highlighted the introduction of digital menu boards in their statement. They explained the technology would offer flexibility in displaying and changing featured items, not for surge pricing.

The statement continued, emphasizing that the digital boards would enable discounts and special offers during less busy hours, aiming to enhance customer value.

Wendy's CEO, Kirk Tanner, also mentioned the digital menu boards at a conference. He suggested that the technology would support sales and profit growth by appealing to franchisees and enhancing operational efficiency.