Watch: Man Dumps Container of Liquid on Shopper Not Wearing Mask

In a video being shared on Twitter, a man dumps a big container of what appears to be water on another shopper for not wearing a mask.

The video starts with the shopper standing in line with one item, waiting to check out. Someone off screen yells at him to "put that mask on," and then he says something inaudible as they repeatedly tell him to "put the mask on."

Then, a man walks up with a large black container filled with clear liquid and dumps it over his head and yells, "Put the mask on! Put the mask on, that's all you gotta do!"

The victim sits down the item he was in line to buy and starts to walk away as the video ends.

Just watching this clip has my blood boiling! Watch:

We have no idea if this man was exempt from wearing a mask and there are several things that could exempt him from having to wear's not like they even work anyway. If I was him, I would be pressing charges for assault.

Some Twitter users are speculating that the video could be staged, but at this time there is no confirmation.

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