Watch: Gov. Whitmer Caught on Hot Mic Before DNC Speech - 'It's Shark Week Motherf***ers

Can you say awkward??

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (or dictator Whitmer as I like to call her) was caught on a hot mic just moments before she was to give her anticipated speech for the Democratic National Convention on Monday.

“It’s not just Shark Week. It’s Shark Week,” Whitmer said, and then mouthed the word “motherf*ckers” in front of the camera.

In addition, several people could be heard laughing off camera....which is interesting considering she has dictated a ten-person limit on activities indoors.

“I have learned about the hot mic,” she told her aides off-camera.


Shark Week is an annual event hosted by the Discovery Channel that features shark-related programming.

Moments later, a seemingly nervous Whitmer addressed the DNC, botching the words and phrasing of her prepared text:

Whitmer lamented the deaths of Americans due to the coronavirus, but she created a policy that required recovering patients to be placed in nursing homes.

To date, there have been 8,041 cases confirmed in Michigan long-term care facilities, which led to 2,082 deaths, according to the state of Michigan.

There have been 4,156 confirmed nursing home staff cases and 21 deaths.


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