WATCH: Did President Joe Biden Just Set the World Record for Not Blinking?

On Tuesday we got to see angry President Joe Biden. We've seen him in the past. He demanded gas stations lower their prices. Angry Joe told a group of reporters to read the polls, Jack!" But this version of Angry Joe Biden was very different.

During a video he released on Twitter Tuesday, President Joe Biden completely stopped blinking. Angry Joe was calling out those out there who are pro-insurrection. He called out President Trump. All while not blinking.

What drugs do they have this guy hopped up on?

Damon Imani made it official: President Joe Biden set the world record for not blinking.

Another thing someone pointed out was how different President Biden looked in two videos that took place in the same day. Check it out:

Very interesting stuff. What the heck is going on?

Either way, Biden's refusal to blink resulted in some hilarious tweets throughout the day. Here are a few of the best:

Hey man if you blink too much people think think you’re lying, try not to over do it with the blinking. BIDEN:

It's the latest Biden bot. They forgot to add the blinking software.

Guys, we've been making fun of Biden for not blinking, or looking like a terrible face swap, but did any of you stop to think that these are symptoms of #OilCancer?

What on earth is going on at the White House?

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