WATCH: Chicago 911 Dispatcher Resigns, Rips the 'Lies and Corruption' of Mayor Lightfoot

Keith Thornton Jr., a Chicago 911 dispatcher, resigned from his position, citing a lack of support for law enforcement from city officials, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Thornton Jr. appeared on Fox & Friends First to discuss the lawlessness and lies that led to his resignation.

"Constantly every week, every other day, they're saying that the stats are down with violent crime and people shot and homicides. Listen, being on the other side of the radio as a dispatcher in Chicago, I'm like, this is nonsense. … I don't stand for that. This is wrong," he said.

He said the "lies" are coming from Mayor Lightfoot and crime in Chicago is at an all-time high.

"We're supposed to tell these citizens a bunch of fluff that we have resources and police coming and there's hours and hours before we can get an officer to many of the scenes throughout the city," Thornton Jr. said.

"It was just time. I'm tired of it. I could talk the talk like many people do or I could walk the walk," Thonton Jr. said regarding his resignation.

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