Walmart Set to Introduce High-Tech Features That Will Change How You Shop Forever

Walmart, the biggest retailer globally, is leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionize our shopping experience. The company isn't just employing generative AI for streamlining office processes but also to enhance customer service and the manner in which we find and view items.

In August, Walmart introduced a generative AI application for its office staff named "My Assistant." This tool aids workers in numerous tasks including setting up meetings, arranging travel, procuring supplies, and producing reports.

Moreover, Walmart has recently showcased its application of this advanced technology in crafting a more tailored and engaging shopping journey for its consumers.

How Walmart Employs Generative AI for Its Customers

Walmart is harnessing generative AI in a plethora of ways, from aiding shoppers in locating, contrasting, and personalizing products, to facilitating intricate purchases through voice or textual interactions.

Walmart's Shopper's Aid

This aid is a chatbot designed to assist shoppers with a range of endeavors, be it organizing a birthday celebration, adorning a residence for festive occasions, or equipping a fresh college dormitory.

The aid is proficient in guiding customers through product comparisons and selections, like identifying the most suitable cellphone for a 10-year-old. Relying on natural language processing and comprehension, this shopper's aid converses with users either through text or verbally.

Furthermore, it taps into generative AI to churn out pertinent suggestions and advice, tailoring them to the shopper's tastes and requirements. Walmart is gearing up to initiate trials for this shopper's aid in the near future.

Walmart Employs Generative AI for Virtual Product Trials

Walmart is leveraging generative AI to transform photos of items into 3D representations. These can subsequently be superimposed onto virtual avatars or inserted into digitally scanned spaces, allowing customers to virtually experience products prior to purchase.

In this manner, customers can visualize how products might appear on themselves or within their living spaces before making a purchase. Walmart is piloting this capability within its search and shopping assistant powered by generative AI.

Walmart's Voice-Guided Shopping Feature

For those who wish to shop online without the need for manual navigation, Walmart's voice-guided shopping solution might pique your interest. It utilizes generative AI to engage in conversation, assisting with intricate purchasing processes that require multiple steps or decisions.

For instance, should you wish to procure groceries online, simply verbalize your requirements to the feature, and it will populate your cart, verify item availability, choose a pickup or delivery time frame, and finalize the transaction.

Your role is simply to vocalize your needs and adhere to the provided directions. The feature is engineered to grasp your objectives and circumstances, producing fitting replies and actions accordingly.

Walmart is currently evaluating this feature both on its website and mobile application, with plans for a forthcoming rollout.

Conclusion - AI is Coming Whether You Like it or Not

When Walmart, the retail giant, revolutionizes its shopping journey with AI, it's a clear indicator that the rest of the retail sector will likely align. Given its vast resources and scale, Walmart has the potential to deploy generative AI in numerous ways, reshaping the future of retail shopping indefinitely.

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