Waffle House Off-Menu Sandwich Goes Viral, Drives Employees Insane

A customer-made, off-menu sandwich at Waffle House, created as a result of a pregnancy craving, has gained viral fame.

Select servers and cooks at the breakfast chain have reportedly grown frustrated with the constant requests for the dish from social media users.

Shantell, a gym instructor from the United States, shared a video of her "pregnancy craving" on her TikTok account (@shantellxoxo) on Tuesday, January 10th. She calls the dish the "Texas Toast Bacon Cheesesteak."

The sandwich, called the "Texas Toast Bacon Cheesesteak," is made using a Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt, a menu item offered by Waffle House. The sandwich includes thin-sliced chuck cheesesteak, bacon, grilled onions, and melted American cheese all served on Texas Toast.

In the viral video posted by Shantell, which has amassed over 6.1 million views and 864,000 likes, she substituted the Texas Toast for waffles in the sandwich instead.

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"Replace the Texas Toast – it’s extra, baby, it’s extra – but you’re gonna pay the cost to be the boss," Shantell said in a follow-up video.

"Get you two waffles, one for the bottom, one for the top," she continued. "Now you could be fancy and add the eggs…do what you do, baby, because what you do, you’re gonna do well. But see that’s what I wanted."

"What I like you might not like," she said.. "But it was good."

The "Waffle House sandwich" videos have generated tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of views depending on the video creator, according to TikTok’s internal search bar.

Google Trends, an online search engine data analyzer, shows that there has been a significant increase in the number of people searching for "Waffle House sandwich" and "Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt" on Google from January 13th to January 19th.

Waffle House employees are becoming increasingly annoyed with the order. A tweet went viral that featured a photo at Waffle House warning people not to come in for sandwiches they saw on TikTok.

On January 15th, TikTok user @toroitich informed customers that the sandwich cost around $20 at the Waffle House location where she works.

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