Tucker Discovers the 'Essential' Golf Trip Former President Barack Obama Was On

Another example as "do as I say, not as I do" from the left. After former President Barack Obama and his wife urged people to stay home, he was seen out golfing at a country club.

Two days after this, DC residents received a public service from none other than former First Lady Michelle Obama. Here's what the message said:

"Remember, we urge you to say home except if you need essential healthcare, essential food or supplies or to go to your essential job." 

Again, the rules do not apply to them. They want you to stay home, but they don't have to. Her husband can go play golf, but you need to stay home.

More on the story from Tucker Carlson:

Practice with you preach, Obama. You can't expect us to remain shacked up for months and go out for golf whenever you want. No matter how rich you are, golf is not essential.