Tiger Woods Reveals Why His Daughter Has No Interest in Golf

Tiger Woods' 15-year-old son, Charlie, aspires to follow in his father's footsteps. However, Woods' daughter, Sam, feels differently about golf.

In a "Today" interview, Woods shared that Sam associates golf negatively, seeing it as the reason her father was often absent during her childhood. "She has, I think, a negative connotation to the game because at that time, when she was growing up, golf took Daddy away from her," Woods explained.

Despite her disinterest, Sam caddied for her father and brother at the PNC Championship last December. Woods emphasized that he and his daughter share activities unrelated to golf, building their relationship on different foundations.

Contrastingly, Woods' relationship with Charlie revolves around golf, a shared passion between them. They have competed together at the PNC Championship for four consecutive years.

Recently, Charlie participated in a U.S. Open local qualifying event but did not advance, shooting a 9-over 81. Despite having his father as a coach, Charlie sometimes resists his guidance.

Woods understands this resistance as part of being a teenager, describing it as a phase of seeking independence. "He’s 15 years old. It’s what happens, it’s what teenagers go through. They’re trying to find their own place in the world," Woods remarked.