'TICK-TOCK!': Sean Hannity Warns Adam Schiff Tomorrow is the Day he is 'Completely Exposed'

The 2017 Rosenstein Scope Memo from August was released by the Department of Justice. The news has Sean Hannity issuing his signature "TICK-TOCK."

During his show, Hannity issued Schiff this stern warning:

Sean Hannity: Oh, by the way, Adam Schiff, tick-tock. It’s not going to be a good day tomorrow. Just guessing. Earlier today acting Director of National Intelligence, Rick Grenell, he called on the congenital, compromised liar Adam Schiff to release secret Russian probe transcripts that the committee had already voted to make public back in 2018. Tomorrow, just hearing, what do I know? I’m just a talk-show host. It could be the day that the corrupt, compromised, congenital liar Schiff is completely exposed.


A lot of people are worried (or hopeful) that Adam Schiff could be in serious trouble. Stay tuned as we will be following this story closely.

Remember when Schiff did his media tour bragging about how he has direct evidence of Russian collusion? Here's a reminder:

“Then the question of possible crimes he may have committed, that needs to be probed deeply,” Hannity concluded before stating that his sources indicate “there is much more to come.”