Things Heat Up Between Comedians When the Subject of Israel Comes Up

Bill Maher and Bill Burr clashed on Maher's "Club Random" podcast during a discussion about the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Burr interrupted Maher as he claimed U.S. college campuses supported Hamas. "They were for the Palestinians," Burr corrected.

Maher equated supporting Palestinians with supporting Hamas, asking Burr whose side he was on. Burr expressed sympathy for Gaza's children, which Maher dismissed as an overly simplistic stance. He stressed that the core issues involved tough decisions, highlighting Israel's right to defend itself after being attacked.

The "Club Random" host lamented the unique scrutiny Israel faces when it retaliates, suggesting a straightforward solution to Middle East peace: "Stop attacking Israel." Burr sarcastically commended Maher for his 'solution' and quickly shifted the topic to other global conflicts, questioning the legality of war in modern times.

Maher doubted the practicality of outlawing war, pointing out the inherent contradiction of enforcing peace through war. Burr humorously proposed a podcast as a solution to global conflicts, mocking Maher's approach to solving the Middle East issue.

The conversation turned tense as Maher critiqued Burr's understanding of the topic. Burr retorted sharply, comparing Maher to an overconfident fantasy football player with no real expertise or accomplishments in politics.

After this heated exchange, the comedians changed the subject and continued with other topics for the rest of the podcast.