The Devil Went Down to Georgia: Obama Begs Georgians to 'Put This Country Back on Track'

Former President Barack Obama has been hitting the campaign trail for Joe Biden lately, and quite possibly making more appearances than Joe himself.
On Monday, Obama begged citizens of the Peach State to help 'put this country back on track' by voting for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Georgia could be the state. Georgia could be the place where we put this country back on track. And not just because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a chance to win Georgia. But you’ve got the chance to flip two Senate seats,” Obama said to a small outdoor crowd in Atlanta.

He took relish in assailing both Loeffler and Perdue for stock transactions earlier this year as the pandemic worsened. The Republicans say federal investigators cleared them of criminal wrongdoing, but Democrats have seized on the transactions throughout the campaign to portray their opponents as greedy profiteers.

“They’re like Batman and Robin gone bad,” Obama said. “They’re like the dynamic duo of doing wrong. I don’t know what they were thinking, but, Georgia, I promise you: Georgia was definitely not on their minds.”

Obama also invoked Ossoff’s viral moment in his debate with Perdue last week, when the challenger called the incumbent a “crook” and accused him of putting his loyalty to Trump ahead of Georgia’s interests.

“Perdue was like one of those chickens. I would have felt bad for the guy if he hadn’t voted four times to take away your preexisting condition protections,” Obama said. “They were supposed to have another debate last night — Perdue chickened out....The scariest Halloween costume he saw this year is Jon Ossoff in a debate.”

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