Texas Man Suing Walmart Makes Interesting Demand

A man from Texas is suing Walmart again. He wants either $100 million or to shop for free at Walmart forever.

This man, Roderick Jackson, wrote two complaints by hand. He says he's suing Walmart because of something that happened in a store in Nebraska in March 2021.

Jackson sued Walmart before in 2021. He said the same thing in both lawsuits.

In his lawsuit, Jackson told Fox News Digital he is suing for "Civil Rights violations based on race/color."

The complaints don't say exactly why Jackson is suing Walmart. But they mention something about being falsely accused of shoplifting.

Besides wanting money or free shopping, Jackson also wants Walmart to pay for all the costs of the lawsuit.

"We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Mr. Jackson’s allegations are almost identical to a lawsuit he filed against our company in 2021 that was dismissed. We intend to defend the company against the allegations once we have been properly served and will quickly ask the court to dismiss any claim that are without merit," a Walmart spokesperson said.

In his 2021 lawsuit, Jackson said the same thing. He claimed Walmart wrongly accused him because of his race. This accusation led to his arrest.

Jackson said in his lawsuit that the handcuffs caused him emotional stress and pain.

At first, he asked for $100 million and a big credit for future shopping. Later, he changed it to $175 million. But in 2021, the case was closed. It was dismissed because he didn't follow the rules for suing Walmart, and Walmart said his claims were not valid.