Texas Governor Abbott With Epic Response to NYC and DC Mayors Complaining About Him Bussing Immigrants to Their Cities

In April Texas Governor Greg Abbott launched a voluntary bussing program that takes migrants from Texas to DC or NYC. Last month Arizona Governor Doug Ducey decided to follow Abbot's lead and start bussing the migrants as well.

During a July 21 press conference, New York City Mayor Eric Adams called Abbot and Ducey "cowards" for launching the program.

Texas Governor Abbot has a great response to the situation. He has sent a formal invitation to Mayor Adams as well as DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to come visit the southern border so they can better understand the crisis Texas and Arizona are facing.

The letter begins, "As you know, our nation’s southern border has become both a humanitarian and security crisis. This crisis was created by President Biden and is one that requires immediate and decisive action to be stopped. As Governor of a southern border state, I have watched illegal crossings hit record highs over and over again since President Biden took office. In the absence of federal action, I have deployed unprecedented resources to prevent, deter, and interdict illegal immigration and transnational criminal activity that threatens our citizens. Texas has spent over $3 billion in the past 18 months to curtail the devastation felt by our communities large and small. "

The letter goes on to explain the situation his state is being faced with and closes, "I look forward to welcoming you to the Texas-Mexico border so that you can see this crisis for yourself. Please contact my office to make travel arrangements for your visits."

What do you think? Will the DC and NYC mayors head down to the border and check out the crisis? Don't count on it.

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