Supermarket Chain Takes Popular Drink Off the Shelves Due to 'Unacceptable' Price Hikes

The supermarket chain Carrefour is taking PepsiCo products off its shelves. They say the reason is "unacceptable" price increases.

This issue is also a concern for other big companies in the same business.

Carrefour has more than 12,000 stores globally. They are removing PepsiCo's drinks like Pepsi and 7 Up, Lipton tea, Quaker foods, and snacks like Doritos and Lays. This is happening in France, Italy, Spain, and Belgium.

A Carrefour spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that they put up notes in their stores. These notes tell customers why they are removing these products.

Back in September, Carrefour was already worried about the high cost of food. They put up price warning signs then to get manufacturers to lower their prices.

The company put labels on products saying: "This product has less in it and the supplier raised the price."

Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the CEO of another supermarket, E. Leclerc, also complained on LinkedIn about suppliers increasing prices.

Leclerc said in his post: "We need to get the big suppliers who raised their prices too much to lower them now. We want more fair prices, clearer information, and better handling of their costs."

The company spoke to the Journal. They have been talking with Carrefour for months. They are trying honestly to make sure their products stay in stores.