Star NFL Quarterback Speaks Out About Deadly Conflict in Israel

Tua Tagovailoa, immediately after being questioned about the Miami Dolphins' 42-21 triumph over the Carolina Panthers, shifted the focus to the serious situation in Israel.

“I kind of want to also bring to the attention, like, I didn’t really realize how bad things were in Israel,” Tagovailoa said. “I just wanted to bring to attention for those who don’t necessarily understand things that are going on that it really is bad. If you don’t understand, if you go on Google, you look, you search and you read about what is going on in this world, this world needs prayer.

“I don’t know what we’ve come to, but just my thoughts, my prayers are out there with those people in Israel. I know there’s the Ukraine and Russia war still going on as well, and I just wanted to bring notice that, although we have the freedom to do this here, play football and be able to have the freedom to do these things, that to come back into reality and think that’s where we all are in this world. I just wanted to bring that to the attention. Hopefully we can all come together and pray for the kids, the children, the wives, the women, the men that are putting themselves out there every day for those unfortunate events that are happening right now.”

Last week, Hamas, the Palestinian militant organization governing the Gaza Strip, initiated an unexpected assault on Israel. This sparked a renewed and lethal confrontation between Israelis and Palestinians, a dispute that has spanned decades. In response, Israel declared war against Hamas and began countermeasures.

By Sunday evening, The New York Times reported that the death toll from Hamas's onslaught had risen to over 1,300, including a minimum of 29 Americans. The conflict has also claimed the lives of at least 2,670 Palestinians in Gaza, with close to 10,000 injured. Concerns are growing regarding a potential humanitarian disaster in the area, especially after Israel's blockade of essential supplies, including food and water.

Tua Tagovailoa isn't the sole voice from the NFL expressing concern over the situation. New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, discussed the matter on CNBC the previous week, joined by ex-Patriots player Tom Brady and the NFL as an organization. Additionally, over a dozen NFL teams have released official statements, mirroring sentiments echoed by numerous sports personalities and entities globally.

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