Stanley Makes Concerning Announcement About Their Massively Popular Tumblers

Stanley tumblers are all the rage these days, exploding on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. But here's the buzz: are they safe?

The big question? Do these trendy steel drink holders, available in eye-catching colors like pink and blue, contain lead? Stanley's now shedding some light on this.

Here's the scoop from Stanley PMI's website: yes, there's "some lead" in the sealing material. But, no worries - it doesn't touch the drink or the drinker.

Stanley's key feature? Vacuum insulation tech. Keeps your drink just right. But, there's a twist: a lead-including pellet seals the deal at the bottom. "Once sealed, this area is covered with a durable stainless steel layer, making it inaccessible to consumers," says Stanley.

To get to the lead, you'd have to really mess up your tumbler – think extreme heat or major damage.

Progress alert! Stanley's working on lead-free sealing solutions, a spokesperson tells

And to quash any doubts, Stanley tells WCNC: No lead on the surface, no risk to you or your beverage.

FOX Business tried to get more info from Stanley, but no word back yet.

Regulation check: Stanley says their products are up to scratch, even meeting California's strict Proposition 65 standards.

They're serious about safety: Stanley ensures compliance through FDA accredited labs. They're looking out for nasties like BPA and phthalates.

Keep 'em clean, folks. Stanley's "Quenchers" are dishwasher safe. Want them to stay shiny? Handle with care.

Sizes, prices? Stanley's got you covered with a range from $25-$45. Your drink, your style!