Sober Steve-O Reveals Shocking Reason He Bailed on Bill Maher Podcast

Steve-O backed out of Bill Maher's "Club Random" podcast after Maher wouldn't agree to not smoke marijuana during the episode. Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover, is 16 years sober and expressed disappointment on his "Wild Ride!" podcast.

Glover, who values his sobriety above all, found Maher's refusal upsetting. He had agreed to appear on the show if Maher could abstain from smoking in respect of his sobriety. Maher, however, saw it as a dealbreaker.

Steve-O has been clean and sober for nearly 16 years, emphasizing the importance of maintaining his sobriety. He approached the podcast with a request for a smoke-free environment.

Steve-O said, "I found it kind of upsetting when the Bill Maher podcast reached out, and he smokes pot the whole time while he interviews people. I said I’d happily go on there, but while I’m on, out of respect for my sobriety, could he refrain from smoking pot?"

Maher, known for smoking pot with guests, argued that marijuana boosts his creativity. He has been a vocal advocate for legalization, claiming it aids his writing process.

In a past interview, Maher shared how pot transforms writing from a task to a fun game. Despite this, he couldn't accommodate Steve-O's request, which was a first for Glover.

Other hosts, like Mike Tyson, have respected Steve-O's sobriety during their shows. Glover noted the irony in Maher's stance being a dealbreaker.

Maher has made exceptions before, like not smoking around musician Sheryl Crow on his podcast. He even joked about holding a joint instead of smoking it.