SNL Mocked For Making Fun of Trump for Phrase He Used Correctly

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" got a taste of irony. They tried to mock Trump but ended up the joke themselves.

The segment? "Weekend Update." The target? A word Trump used: "de-banking."

Colin Jost played the skeptic. "What the hell does 'de-bank' mean?" he asked. His punchline? "You might need 'de-ambulance' to see 'de-doctor.'"

But here's the twist. "De-banking" is real. It's about banks ditching risky customers. No questions asked.

Social media had a field day. SNL didn't do their homework, and Twitter let them know.

Conservative Steve Guest scoffed at SNL's "woke smugness."

Doug Powers from Twitchy chimed in. SNL's rush to mock Trump backfired. Again.

Michael Oxford, running for California State Senate, drew parallels. Remember when Maher's audience laughed at tampons in men’s bathrooms? "The left doesn’t realize what’s happening, until it’s too late," he said.

Michael Caputo, ex-Trump official, teased Colin Jost. "How's it feel to be the joke?" A Google search could've spared the embarrassment.

"De-banking" isn't new. Remember the Canadian Freedom Convoy protests in 2022? Accounts frozen, seized.

Nigel Farage, Brexit leader, accused Coutts bank of closing his account. His politics, he claimed. The bank blamed his finances. But a leaked memo hinted otherwise.

2023 brought more cases. Indigenous Advanced Ministries, a Christian group, claimed Bank of America "de-banked" them. Their religion? The likely cause.

Bank of America's response? Vague. Something about "internal debt collection policy." Yet, no policy details were shared.

Steve Happ, founder of Indigenous Ministry, worried. "Is it our religious views?" he asked, concerning Bank of America's actions.

There you have it. "De-banking" is more than a joke on SNL. It's a real, growing concern. And the punchline? It's on SNL for missing the point.