Singer Breaks Silence on Rumored Romance With 'Yellowstone' Star

"Yellowstone" star Kevin Costner and singer Jewel have recently been the focus of widespread media speculation regarding a possible romantic connection between them. The rumors gained traction after they were spotted in several intimate moments during a trip to the British Virgin Islands. Notably, photos released by TMZ depicted Jewel sitting on Costner's lap as he embraced her, an image that only fueled further speculation about their relationship.

In a candid interview with Elle, Jewel addressed the rumors head-on. She acknowledged the public's deep fascination with their relationship, describing it as "intense." Despite the scrutiny, she spoke highly of Costner, calling him "a great person" and highlighting the respect she has for him. This discussion comes shortly after Costner finalized his divorce from Christine Baumgartner, his wife of 18 years, making the timing of these rumors even more poignant.

"He's a great person," she said last year. "The public fascination is intense for sure."

The setting for these rumors was Richard Branson’s Necker Island, where Jewel and Costner were attending a charity tennis event organized by the Inspiring Children Foundation, an initiative started by Jewel herself. The event, which is an annual affair, draws numerous celebrities and sports figures to play tennis and raise funds. This year, Costner was involved as a mentor for the children participating in the foundation's programs.

On her Instagram, Jewel shared insights into the event, emphasizing the collaborative and fun nature of the fundraiser. She posted photos from the event, including one with Costner, and praised both him and Sir Richard Branson for their contributions. Her post reflected a tone of casual professionalism mixed with personal relaxation, as she also mentioned enjoying the event with her son.

Sources close to the duo told TMZ that Jewel and Costner had traveled to the Caribbean together and spent significant time with each other outside of the event activities. Witnesses described their interactions as flirtatious, noting that they seemed to light up when together. This behavior suggested to onlookers that there might be more to their relationship than mere friendship or professional courtesy.

"Every year, my foundation @inspiringchildren and I go to Necker Island to help host a tennis event w @richardbranson to raise funds for our kids. Amazing players like @geniebouchard come and support us in playing doubles with the folks who come… it’s an incredible time, and one I use to relax, rest and play w my son!" the 49-year-old wrote on Instagram, alongside a series of photos from the event - including one with Costner.

This sentiment was echoed in a report by People magazine, where a source described the relationship as "fresh but not brand new." The source highlighted a mutual attraction between the two, noting that Jewel appreciates Costner's type while Costner enjoys being in a relationship, particularly following his contentious divorce.

Further reports from Us Weekly revealed that Costner and Jewel have known each other for many years and have been quietly dating for some time. According to a source, they have always held each other in high regard and share many common interests, which makes their relationship seem almost natural. Friends of both have expressed surprise that it took so long for them to come together.

Overall, while the exact nature of their relationship remains a subject of speculation, it is clear that Jewel and Kevin Costner share a bond that encompasses both their professional and personal lives. Whether this evolves into a deeper relationship or remains a close friendship, it appears they have a significant and supportive connection.