Shania Twain Has 'Hilarious' Onstage Blunder During Las Vegas Show

Shania Twain laughed off a simple mistake during her Las Vegas residency.

The 58-year-old country star forgot which hand held her microphone while singing "(If You're Not in It for Love) I'm Outta Here!" She held the mic in one hand and a drumstick prop to her lips before realizing her error.

"Oh my God, that was hilarious," she said into the mic after the blunder.

A fan captured the moment on video.

"I’m really glad somebody captured this moment, it’s made me laugh all over again," Twain captioned the fan video she shared on X.

People in the comments were impressed. The moment proved the "You're Still The One" singer wasn't lip-syncing.

"That shows she is really singing live," one user commented.

"Proof she isn't lip-syncing," another added.

"The way you flawlessly continued this is amazing and purely in the moment," one comment read.

Twain is currently performing in Las Vegas at her Planet Hollywood residency, "Come On Over."

Ahead of the residency, she shared her pre-show routine: an all-liquid diet.

"If I eat any solids hours before the show, I’ll have to burp," Twain told People magazine. "It’s just a nightmare because you have to sing around the burp, and it's distracting in itself. So I usually don't eat any solids at all on show days until after the show, only liquids."

Twain also follows an intense exercise routine, much like an athlete.

"I am an athlete, I have to breathe, I have to project," she told The Sun. "I have to pace everything."