Sen. Graham to Gov. Kemp: 'Change the Law Before it's Too Late'

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is strongly urging Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to do the right thing and tighten up the election procedures while he still can, before the senate runoff in January.

Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are facing Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the Georgia runoff elections. Many voters are concerned that the election will be rigged, and may not even vote.

Graham told FNC anchor Martha MacCallum, “Every signature on mail-in ballots should be verified in a bipartisan way. So I’m begging the governor to call the legislature back in session and do two things. Make sure that when it comes to verifying signatures on mail-in ballots, that it’s done by bipartisan, not a single individual in a county office that may have an agenda that’s partisan. That is the simple fix.”

“I can’t change Georgia law,” he continued. “So we need to change the law so that the Senate races are not stolen from us.”

“Change the consent decree so that you are verifying signatures before the ballot application was actually made and make sure that every signature is validated by a bipartisan group,” Graham added. “We have a bipartisan group counting ballots. We have a bipartisan group checking you in when you vote in person. In Georgia, a single person has the final say.”

“We’ve got nobody to blame but ourselves,” he concluded. “If we sit on our ass and continue to allow this system to exist. I like the governor. He’s a fine fellow, but he needs to change the law before it’s too late so we don’t get cheated out of these two Senate seats. Period.”

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On Thursday, a portion of an interview with CNN was released, and Joe Biden is heard stating that he will be ordering people to wear masks in federal buildings and interstate transportation, as well as asking the public to wear masks for his first 100 days in office.

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It's either that or it's that she has no idea what socialism and/capitalism really are.

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MASSIVE Victory in Arizona After 3% of Ballots Deemed Fraudulent in Favor of Biden

The Trump legal team, as well as others who are suing in multiple states, are winning this battle over the election fraud.

Republicans had filed a lawsuit so that they could inspect some of the ballots.

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BREAKING! Surveillance Video Shows Suitcases Full of Ballots Pulled Out After GOP Workers Left (VIDEO)

Of all the evidence that we've seen so far that has been uncovered during these investigations into the election fraud in multiple states, what we just recently saw from Georgia may be at the top of the list for things that are just damning.

What we've already seen in other states has been really bad already. I'm thinking of the video footage of people bringing in boxes and suitcases of ballots into the centers where they were being counted and doing so well past the cut-off time.

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Incredibly TERRIFYING Video of Man Shooting at Woman as She Leaves Condo

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