Sen. Cruz: Dems Created 'Fact-Free Environment' on Gun Violence

On Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz slammed President Joe Biden and his ridiculous new gun control measures, and accused Democrats of operating in a “fact-free environment - and touting common-sense legislation that targets bag guys” instead of “the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens.”

Cruz told Newsmax TV that the left is “so bound and determined to take away your Second Amendment rights that when it came to common-sense steps to go after bad guys and stop gun violence … they don't actually have an interest in solving the problem. They're interested in politics.”

''If the objective is to stop violent crime and stop gun crime in particular, there is an approach that works and the approach that works is targeting the bad guys, going after criminals, going after felons and fugitives and those with serious mental illnesses,'' he continued.

''Unfortunately every time we have a shooting, every time we have a mass murder, the Democrats don't want to focus on the bad guys. They don't want to focus on the criminals,'' Cruz said.

He argued, ''They don't want to actually stop the violence with the policies that work; instead, their approach is always go after the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. Their solution is to disarm you and to disarm me and it's unconstitutional and it's also incredibly ineffective.''

Newsmax reports:

Cruz pointed to legislation he and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, sponsored, conjecturing that had it been successful, a Nov. 5, 2017, mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, might never have happened.

''The day after that shooting, I stood in that sanctuary, that beautiful little sanctuary when there was glass shattered everywhere, blood scattered, shattered iPhones'' he said. ''This deranged lunatic murdered innocents — women, children, an 18-month-old infant.

''Had Grassley-Cruz passed, there's a very good possibility that mass murder wouldn't have happened. Why? Because the shooter had a felony conviction. It should have been in the database. But the Obama [administration] ... never reported it to the database. So the federal government screwed up. ... He then went to a federally licensed dealer to purchase firearms and he filled out the form …. He lied.''

When Conservatives warned about Biden and his gun-hungry policies, we were called conspiracy theorists. Is it still a conspiracy once it’s happening? Asking for a friend.

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