Rob Schneider Blasts United CEO for Choose 'Diversity' Over 'Safety'

Rob Schneider's had enough. He's boycotting United Airlines, blaming CEO Scott Kirby. The reason? A clash between safety and diversity.

It all exploded on Sunday. Schneider's message was clear: No more United for his family. Why? A dangerous mix of diversity focus over pilot competence.

Schneider's not holding back. He even calls out Kirby on drag show allegations, sparked by a video shared by conservatives. They claim the CEO's in it.

"Dear Scott Kirby...," Schneider pens a fiery note. He's outraged. Safety's taking a backseat to diversity in pilot hiring, he claims.

Flashback to a hair-raising incident. Flight UA1722, a United Boeing 777, nearly crashes in 2022. Schneider points fingers: A "diverse but incompetent" crew nearly doomed everyone.

United's response? The pilots needed more training. But Schneider's scathing critique doesn't stop there.

He anticipates Kirby's downfall. "Look forward to your swift dismissal," he writes. A harsh prediction followed by a sarcastic nod to Kirby's alleged drag hobby.

Elon Musk jumps in, echoing Schneider's sentiments. He's critical of Kirby's diversity goals in a resurfaced 2021 interview. Kirby's aim? 50% women or people of color as new pilots. As of 2023, they're only at 19%.

Kirby's strategy? Diverse interviews, early career opportunities, and a "stronger bench."

Musk's take? "This is messed up." Short but impactful.

Schneider isn't done. He takes another jab during a Fox Nation stand-up. "What? Diversity over the best pilots?" He mocks the focus on diversity over experience and skill.

His punchline? A sarcastic jab at the monotony of "White pilots landing safely and on time." Schneider's blending humor with hard-hitting critique, stirring up controversy and conversation.