Rep. Michael Waltz Warns: ‘If Dems Win Georgia, They’ll Nationalize Lockdowns‘

Rep. Michael Waltz is warning Georgians that if Democrats win the both U.S. Senate seats in the January runoff election, then the Dems will nationalize lockdowns.

He said on Wednesday’s broadcast of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with guest host Jerome Hudson, “Next Tuesday, January 5th, could set the stage for … our children and grandchildren growing up in America led by socialists, and a world led by Chinese communists, and that that is not overstating the case at all.”

Waltz continued, “If the Democrats and the progressives control the White House and all of Congress, they will dismantle the president’s stand and legacy on China, whether it is stopping their IP theft, whether it’s stopping the massive amount of money that’s flowing in to influence our politicians and media, think tanks and universities, and [Democrats] have already called for massive cuts to our defense budget just as we’ve been rebuilding the military and shifting it to deal with the threat that China is.”

“I see it every day in the House of Representatives led by Nancy Pelosi, who is completely controlled by the progressives and the Squad at this point, particularly now when she needs their votes to [remain speaker of the House],” he said. “The first thing she’s going to do isn’t going to be sanctuary cities or defunding the police or their progressive agenda, it’s going to be to be the lockdown power.”

“We talk a lot about California [and] New York … how they dealt with the [coronavirus], how they just squash individual liberty,” Waltz pointed out. “They don’t trust business owners or individuals to make their own decisions, it has to be made by government. Well guess who will be running our entire national government? Kamala Harris, senator from California, Nancy Pelosi, congresswoman from California, Chuck Schumer, senator from New York.”

“All the states [from which] people are fleeing in droves to get out of there because of horrible governance … [Democrats] will take those same methodologies and make them mandatory, put it into law, and make it national,” he continued “That’s what’s at stake with two Senate seats in Georgia.”

Waltz added, “[Democrats want to] make sure the Republicans can’t take [the House or Senate] back again. … In terms of rigging the system in terms of votes, [Pelosi] will make it into national law. She wants to drop the voting age to 16. She wants to make automatic [voter] registration. She essentially wants to force the entire country, no voter IDs, no states will be allowed to ask for voter ID. She wants to make the entire country vote like California, New York.”

“On the Senate side, it’ll be stacking the Supreme Court so they can’t overturn these laws, adding DC into statehood, so they get two more senators and just make the mountain phenomenally steep to climb for Republicans to ever come back, and then they’ll start with their progressive agenda,” he concluded.

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