Popular Oreo Flavor is Coming Back for a Limited Time

Oreo's latest flavor announcement has fans buzzing with excitement. They're rolling out Oreo Churro sandwich cookies, putting a unique spin on a beloved fried treat.

This idea isn't entirely new—it harks back to a mystery flavor from 2019. But this version promises a full churro experience, with both the cookie and the creme infused with churro taste and sugar crystals.

An official statement from Oreo aims high, promising to encapsulate the essence of churros in a single bite. The reveal on TikTok and Instagram led to an outpouring of enthusiasm.

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Influencer Snackolater shared the news, receiving a flood of excited comments and even confessed to drooling in anticipation.

Fans on social media couldn't hide their joy. Comments ranged from declarations of it being the "BEST IDEA EVER" to expressions of dire need and comedic despair over the temptation.

One devoted fan, having tried every flavor since 2014, shared their excitement, while another suggested "Chureos" as a catchy name.

The anticipation is high for the Oreo Churro's release on Wednesday, March 27, across the nation. However, how long they'll stay on shelves is uncertain, given the high demand.

The company hints that these limited-edition treats are only available "while supplies last."

This release is part of Oreo's larger spring initiative, which includes a variety of minty frozen desserts. Fans can look forward to indulging in ice cream, sandwiches, and bars, all bearing the Oreo branding.