Poll Reveals What We Already Knew: Social Media Companies Have Too Much Power in Politics

Many studies have shown that social media companies tend to lean left. Whether or not that's the case, can all agree on one thing: social media companies have too much more.

You could ask a conservative about politics on social media and they could possibly point out the top conservative accounts shut down by Facebook and Twitter. Then ask a liberal and they'll claim Facebook allowed Russia to run ads to help President Trump win.

No matter where you stand, we call can agree this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Now we have a study back to back it, as if we needed it. A survey by Pew Research released Wednesday shows that 72 percent of U.S. adults believe social media companies wield too much power.

This study was released just before four major tech executives prepare to testify before the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee about their roles in the economy and society on July 27. The companies involved include Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

"Beyond debates about fair business practices, the tech industry has also come under fire in recent months from a host of critics – from President Donald Trump to civil rights advocates and even tech companies’ own employees," says Pew.

"Amid these concerns, Americans favor more, not less, regulation of major technology companies, according to the Center’s recent survey. Some 47 percent of the public thinks the government should be regulating major technology companies more than they are now, while just 11 percent think they should be regulated less," Pew continues. "About four-in-ten, 39 percent, believe regulation should stay at its current level."

This is a rare issue where many Democrats and Republicans are on the same page. Big tech has a lot of power with their influence and it needs to be regulated.

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