Northern California County Defies Gavin Newsom, Reopens Schools, Hair Salons, Churches, Restaurants, Movie Theater

Modo County in Northern California has taken a stand against Governor Gavin Newsom. The sparsely populated county plans to allow the reopening of its schools, hair salons, churches, restaurants and their only movie theater.

This makes Modoc County the first California county to start easing out of the stay-at-home orders and challenge the mandate of Governor Newsom.

Ned Coe, a cattle rancher and county supervisor, said that there are no confirmed COVID-19 cases in Modoc County. After meeting with health officials, a vote was held and the Board of Supervisors decided to reopen the county on Friday.

“Just as our physical health is vital for our citizens, so is the mental health and the economic health of our citizens,” Coe said.

Though businesses will reopen, this does not mean it will be done without restrictions. Customers are still asked to remain six feet apart and restaurants are required to cut their capacity in half. People who have underlying conditions or are 65 or older are still required to stay home.

According to Coe, county officials sent Gov. Newsome a letter with an outline of their plan but did not get a response. Coe said he's not concerned about any legal action that could be taken against his county.

“The governor himself has indicated that it is time to start opening in a staged and safe manner, and that will be different for different areas of the state,” he said.

While this county is opening, it's important to note they are not throwing caution to the wind. Since they are maintaining social distance and taking extra precautionary steps, this should allow them to get their economy moving again without ramping up COVID-19 in their county.

It is concerning that people from other counties could flood these restaurants with the possibility of getting to enjoy going out to eat.

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