NFL Coach Takes on the Democrat Mob: 'I'm 100% for America, If You're Not You Can Kiss My A**'

Over the last few weeks, the NFL has turned into the Woke Olympics. Well, not for NFL coach Jack Del Rio who had had it "up to here" with the Democrat Mob.

Jack Del Rio is the former head coach of the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars and the current defensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins.

Del Rio retweeted a video from popular conservative social media figure Samantha Marika that debunks the "Trump racism narrative." He accompanied the retweet with "Fact not fiction."

Of course, this triggered the left. After all, they've been programmed that all of their sports heroes should be programmed to think just like them.

A triggered Twitter user told Del Rio he wishes the "old racist" would stay off Twitter.

Del Rio fired back in epic fashion. "I'm 100% for America, if you're not you can kiss my A$$."

You know what's next. They're going to cancel Jack Del Rio. Well, the long-time NFL coach has proved his worth over a long coaching career so he won't be going anywhere, no matter how triggered they are.

If you have the time, go show Jack Del Rio some love on Twitter. It's good to have an NFL coach fighting the good fight instead of bowing to the mob.

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