NBA Star Claims to Have Eaten at the Same Restaurant Every Day for 10 Years: 'Too Fire'

In baseball, starting pitchers have a strict schedule. They do the same things for four days to get ready to throw about 100 pitches on the fifth day.

But Mikal Bridges, a basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets, might be even more focused on his routine than those baseball players.

Bridges is now playing for his second NBA team, the Nets. He's really reliable and hasn't missed a single game in his whole career, which is 423 games long.

And that's not the only amazing record he has.

Mikal Bridges, the basketball player, has a special secret for never missing a game: he eats at Chipotle every single day, and has been doing so for about 10 years!

In an interview with GQ, he said that he's been eating Chipotle daily since around 2013 or 2014. He even showed a Chipotle bag while talking about it.

Mikal Bridges knows his friends and family make fun of him for eating at Chipotle so much. But he loves the taste and says it's his choice.

He really enjoys it and thinks it's too good to not eat every day.

By the way, his usual order at Chipotle is: white rice, no beans, double chicken, medium and mild salsa, corn, and lettuce. Not gonna lie, I'm kind of underwhelmed by his order.

Keeping up with eating Chipotle every day for 10 years while traveling all over the country is really impressive. During this time, Mikal Bridges did a lot of cool things:

  • He was a star player at Great Valley High School near Philadelphia.
  • He won two national championships with Villanova University.

He played for the Phoenix Suns for over four years. Then, he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in a big deal involving Kevin Durant.

Bridges also played for Team USA in Asia in this year's FIBA World Cup. This must have been a challenge for his Chipotle streak!

Since joining the Brooklyn Nets, Mikal Bridges has really shown how good he is at basketball. Before, he often wasn't the main star, but now he's doing great.

Also, in New York City, where he plays, it's easy for him to keep eating Chipotle. There's almost a Chipotle on every street corner there!