Mom Makes Shocking Discover After Toddler Hears 'Monsters' in the Wall

A mother's TikTok post went viral after her daughter's fear of "monsters" in the walls turned out to be 50,000 bees in their home. Ashley Massis Class from North Carolina shared that the bees had sneaked in through a tiny attic vent.

"Three weeks ago, we saw some bees at our attic vent, but we weren't alarmed," Class told Fox News Digital via TikTok messenger. She later contacted pest control and beekeepers to investigate the situation.

Several beekeepers assessed the situation but couldn't find the bees inside initially. Eventually, one decided to cut into the attic wall to locate them. "After talking to several different beekeepers, who determined that the bees had not entered the house yet, the one beekeeper had decided to cut a hole in our attic wall in order to see where the bees were coming from," Class explained.

@dailymail A North Carolina mom was shocked to find 60,000 BEES living in her family’s home after her three-year-old kept complaining of ‘monsters in the wall.’ After finding bee clusters in their attic and chimney, Ashley Class and her husband started taking their daughter’s complaints seriously, and called a beekeeper who used a thermal camera to confirm there were bees living in the wall. It took three separate extractions to remove them. ???? Ark Media #bees #tiktoker #scary #northcarolina #beekeeper ♬ A mysterious scene of the near future like Blade Runner(994826) - The Structures

The beekeeper used a thermal camera in her daughter's room to find the bees' entry point—a hole smaller than the top of a pen. Removing the bees became a significant challenge for Class.

"The removal process has been quite extensive because all the honeycomb had honey in it," she noted. The honey seeped into the century-old floorboards, complicating the cleanup.

Over 100 pounds of honey and honeycomb were extracted from the walls. Class documented the ordeal in several TikTok videos, with one gaining over 9 million views and thousands of comments.

Users shared their shock and similar experiences online. Comments ranged from preferring fictional monsters over bees to recounting personal stories of bee invasions.

"My parents didn't believe me when I said I heard scratching at night ... They did believe me when 1000s of carpenter bees collapsed my bedroom ceiling, tho," a user shared.

Despite the unexpected fame, Class was surprised by how many people related to her video. "From the comments and messages we've received, we've realized it's quite common and a lot of people have been through it and that's why I think people identify with it," she said.

The family now faces $20,000 in damages not covered by insurance. It will take weeks to confirm the bees are fully removed and to complete home repairs.